New Hope Community Bikes, Hamilton Ontario
 New Hope Community Bikes has a small fleet of Cargo Bikes as part of a Cargo Bike Share Pilot Project in the Crown Point Neighbourhood. This project has been made possible by a grant from the Hamilton Community Foundation through the Crown Point Community Planning Team. These bikes make it easy to carry large loads of groceries, children, and just about anything else. The goal of this pilot project is to make Cargo Bikes common place in our neighbourhood and make access to them affordable to everyone who lives in Crown Point, if you're from beyond Crown Point and need to make use of one of our bikes for a special event or block of time let us know and we'll be happy to oblige. Purchasing a cargo bike is a big investment, and can range anywhere from $1000-$5000, so we've developed an affordable program to give everyone access to sustainable, fun, cargo bikes! Pricing

Cargo Bike Share

1 Day
1 Week
1 Month

"Myself and three children have always been of a green way of thinking. But with soccer, dance, swimming and other activities to get to the bus seemed to be the only way of getting around. I started out by renting the trike for a week but quickly went back to book it for the whole summer. I realized we could trek across the city for field trips, play dates and market trips without worrying about bus fare, and still have room to carry everything. The Wike cost was less than an adult bus pass for a month and because of it we were able to explore more of our city and meet new people."

    - Jennifer; parent of three and proud owner of a new cargo bike



Rent the bike for the whole day from the time the shop opens until the shop closes. Late drop off can also be arranged.

Sunday rental includes Monday FREE!

Cheaper than two bus fares!

$From 20.00/week


7 Day rental, additional days charged out at daily rate of $5.00. Get a good taste of what it's like to use a cargo bike on a daily basis. Still cheaper than the bus!


$From 60.00/month


Month long rental, renting the bike this long should definitely change your lifestyle! Cheaper than an individual bus pass and way more useful!