Who's it for?

The Daily School Ride (DSR) is a pilot project open to grade 4-8 students at Bennetto Elementary School and St. Lawrence Catholic Elementary School. Younger students (Gr. 1-3) can still participate in the DSR but must be accompanied by an older sibling or parent while on the ride.

What does it look like?

Part train. Part parade. Mostly just a safe and fun way to get to school. The Daily School Ride will look like a long line of students making their way to and from school, riding single file and following all the rules of the road. These rules allow cyclists to ride on the road and even take a full lane if necessary.

Leaders with reflective vests will be at the front and rear of the line to demonstrate safe riding. The 30kph speed limits in the North End make the neighbourhood a great location to try out the Daily School Ride.

Must Haves
WHY RIDE? Research shows a direct correlation between physical activity and the brain’s ability to learn. Riding to school gets the blood flowing and primes the brain for learning at school all day long. Riding to school also reduces the number of car drop-offs and helps build a healthier city.
  • BIKE - in good working order
  • HELMET - Properly fitted
  • BELL - or horn that works
  • PERMISSION FORM - signed by a parent
600 FREE BIKES have been given out in the North End by Bike for Mike. The DSR is a program to encourage students to use their bikes to get to and from school.
DID YOU KNOW? A bicycle is not a toy - it's your first vehicle! This means that as a cyclist you must follow the same rules and laws as drivers do. Use hand signals early when turning or stopping – this lets drivers know what you are going to do next. In urban areas where a curb lane is too narrow to share safely with a motorist, it is LEGAL for a cyclist to take the whole lane by riding in the centre of it. Every bike must have a working bell or horn. Bikes must also have a front white light and rear red reflector if they are ridden when it's dark.
How Do I join?

TALK TO YOUR PRINCIPAL and Contact Us we'll make sure you get a permission form and get your house added to the route. You will get information about what time the "Bike Train" will be traveling past your house so you can join in.


DON’T MISS THE BUS! The DSR will run like any other school or city bus, if students are not at their stop or waiting along the route when the DSR rolls by the DSR won’t wait for them. Students who miss the DSR will have to ride to school by themselves or make alternate arrangements with parents to ride or walk to school.